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Twitch Composes

Twitch Composes -

Twitch composes music live and together at . This page describes how you can join in!

Music is played through the chat. Simply write messages to add notes. The notes you play will disappear after some time.

An example groove:

0  HH K C2
2  HO K D2
3     K D#2
4  HH V120 S V60 G2
6  HO
7     K C2
8  HH K C2
9     S
10 HO
11    K D2
12 HH V120 S V60 C2
14 HO
16 HH K C2
18 HO K D#2
19    K C2
20 HH V120 S V60 G2
22 HO
23    K C2
24 HH K C2
25    S
26 HO
27    K D2
28 HH V120 S V60 C2
30 HO     

Playing your first note

To play a simple note, just write its name in chat. For example to play a C, write C4. You will see the note get highlighted on the keyboard.

More advanced usage

The messages are like scripts. You are “programming” a robot to make music for you repeatedly. This means you have to tell it what to do. There are several types of commands, separated by spaces.

Note: In the examples you will see multiple lines. These are just there to make it easier to read. You don’t have to add those lines in your message.

Play multiple notes

You can play multiple notes at the same time by typing all of them. Keep in mind that twitch messages can only be up to 500 characters.

To play a C-major chord:

C2 C3 E3 G3

Set the position

To tell the robot when to play a note, add a number.

So to play a kick drum on position “4”:

4 K

Change the duration

You can change how long your robot should hold down the note. This only really makes sense on the piano. Change your duration using the “D” command followed by a number in milliseconds. Do not add a space between them.

Play short notes:

24 C4 C5
26 C4 C5
28 C4 C5
30 C4 C5

Change the velocity

You can hit notes with different strengths between 10 and 127. Change your velocity using the “V” command followed by a number. Do not add a space between them.

Play soft notes:

12 G4
18 E4
6 C5